CRI’s technical staff is well versed in the field assessment of habitats, various plant communities and their overall health and ability to support various forms of wildlife. We regularly evaluate the impacts to these communities and their inhabitants from direct and indirect project impacts.

Our staff has advanced education in plant identification and has performed hundreds of rare, threatened and endangered species surveys in areas suspected to contain such species. We’ve also located new and previously unknown populations of sensitive species during general project field work.

Our wildlife biologist is experienced in preparing Biological Assessments consistent with the requirements of Section 7 of the Federal Endangered Species Act, with recent projects evaluating the potential effects to the swamp pink, giant cane, climbing fern, leather leaf, bog turtle, bald eagles, fox squirrel and forest interior dwelling birds. In accordance with the Endangered Species Act, we are also familiar coordinating with the regulatory agencies to obtain a Biological Opinion.

In addition to federal agency coordination, CRI has also performed extensive coordination with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Heritage Division on avoiding impacts to state-listed rare, threatened or endangered species.

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