Sylvan Klein added 2017Environmental Scientist

Years of Experience: 9


  • M.S., Environmental Sciences (Aquatic Ecology and Water Management), 2014
  • B.A., Biology, 2008
  • Maryland Biological Stream Survey (MBSS) Spring Sampling Training, 2017
  • MBSS Summer Sampling Training, 2017


  • PADI SCUBA: Open Water

Highlights of Experience

Sylvan is an Environmental Scientist who performs natural resources analyses and assists with a variety of field studies.  His background research experience includes the influence of multiple stressors on population dynamics of aquatic crustaceans, chemical alarm cues in Eastern Mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki), and completing aquatic resource surveys related to environmental disturbances.  Sylvan’s current responsibilities include assessments of aquatic environments and communities in the field, identification of fish and benthic macroinvertebrates, data analysis, and report preparation.  Highlights of Sylvan’s experience include:

Field Studies

Performs a wide variety of field studies including:

  • rapid geomorphic/habitat assessments and environmental inventories for watershed assessments;
    fish, benthic macroinvertebrate, water quality, geomorphic, and aquatic habitat surveys for stream restoration projects and county-wide monitoring programs
  • relocation of fish and other aquatic fauna as required by permit special conditions of stream restoration projects
  • assessment of physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of streams and watersheds and their response to management
  • maintenance and calibration of water quality monitoring equipment
Water Quality and Biological Monitoring

Performs fish and aquatic macroinvertebrate identification:

  • utilizes Maryland Biological Stream Survey (MBSS) and EPA Rapid Bioassessment Protocol (RBP) methodologies to assess aquatic communities and habitats
  • conducts detailed analyses of water quality and biological data, including Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI) and Physical Habitat Index (PHI) calculations to determine the overall health of aquatic systems
  • prepares and assists in developing biological monitoring protocols and analysis tools to assess impacts of stream restorations on aquatic biota
  • processes and assists with identification of stream and estuarine benthic macroinvertebrate samples
Document Preparation
  • prepares technical reports for water quality and aquatic biomonitoring projects
  • provides water quality analyses on multi-year data to clients, regulatory agencies, and partnering firms