Anne Arundel County’s Department of Public Works

Key Services

  • Stream Restoration Monitoring
  • Biological Monitoring

Project Details

CRI performed Biological Monitoring and Stream Restoration Monitoring with Anne Arundel County’s Department of Public Works and Environmental and Cultural Resources.

Stream Restoration Monitoring


Conducted pre-construction monitoring of five stream restoration projects in Anne Arundel County to fulfill the AA Co DPW’s regulatory permit requirements. Monitoring of fish, benthic macroinvertebrates, habitat, and insitu water quality parameters was conducted in accordance with MBSS protocols. CRI identified macroinvertebrates in-house to genus and calculated the MBSS BIBI, FIBI and physical habitat index for all sites. Vegetation monitoring was also conducted based on a transect sampling methodology developed by MDNR Watershed Restoration Division. Post-construction monitoring was carried out three years after construction to determine long-term effects of the restoration on biological communities. A final report detailing methods, results and overall conclusions was prepared at the end of the study.

Biological Monitoring Program


Benthic macroinvertebrate, habitat, and insitu chemical water quality data were collected at sixty randomly selected sites to characterize stream conditions in the County as a future watershed management tool. All monitoring was conducted in accordance with MDNR MBSS sampling protocols and data analysis. Habitat assessments were duplicated using the EPA’s Rapid Bioassessment Protocols.

A rigorous QA/QC program was instituted for all project activities. An outside lab completed the genus-level identification of macroinvertebrates for the project, while CRI was responsible for QA/QC of their identification. CRI calculated the MBSS benthic index of biological integrity (BIBI), physical habitat index, and evaluated overall stream condition for inclusion in the draft and final reports to the County.