CRI has Qualified Professionals and staff that have widespread experience in preparing Forest Stand Delineations (FSDs) and Forest Conservation Plans (FCPs) in accordance with the state, county, and local regulations, depending on the type of project.

CRI has extensive experience in conducting Natural Resources Inventories (NRI)/Forest Stand Delineations (FSD).  We have developed all levels of Forest Stand Delineations, including exemptions, simplified FSDs and full FSDs with detailed plot sampling.  As part of this process, CRI characterizes existing forest stands, dominant species, invasive species, forest structure, quality and priority ranking.  CRI performs specimen tree (trees 30” in diameter at breast height or 75% of State Champion) surveys and other types of tree surveys are incorporated into the NRI/FSDs.  Our GIS experts are highly skilled in preparing NRI/FSD maps in different formats based on the agency.

Forest Conservation Act: CRI is certified to prepare Forest Conservation Plans in accordance with the Maryland Forest Conservation Act and other county or local regulations such as Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC). We are also accomplished in coordinating with the state or local Forestry Division to develop suitable forest compensation alternatives.  At project initiation, CRI develops a forest mitigation strategy through consultations with MDNR, M-NCPPC, and local jurisdictions that include a suite of forest mitigation options, ensuring that all forest conservation measures are being met.

Roadside Tree Permit: CRI has assisted clients in securing roadside tree permits to ensure the proper care of roadside trees in the interest of promoting and maintaining healthy trees and safe unobstructed, and aesthetically pleasing public roads and rights of way.

Certified Arborist:  CRI staff includes an ISA certified arborist with proven knowledge of tree biology and tree care for projects were arborist qualifications are required.  An ISA certification is the industry standard for ensuring the safety, care, and protection of trees in their surroundings.

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