From field maps to report maps to Python scripting and model building, CRI provides a range of geospatial analysis skills using the latest ArcGIS platforms, including ArcPro. Our staff provide a wide range of experience and skill levels, bringing knowledge from the classroom and hands-on learning. In addition to general cartography, CRI has the technology and training to perform more advanced analysis, including landscape analysis and hydrological modeling.

Our staff are proficient with the Python and R languages, both to create scripts to streamline large tasks and provide quality control, and to perform more advanced statistical analysis of a variety of datasets. We regularly develop in-house scripts to enhance efficiency and accuracy, helping to ensure that data is entered correctly, and making data post-processing more reliable to the benefit of the client. Several of our projects have required statistical analysis and the submission of these statistics as part of larger reports available for public consumption, making it important that the technical information is conveyed in a manner accessible to a range of audiences.

Database Management
CRI has experience in the development and management of databases and geodatabases, in both Microsoft Access and ArcGIS file geodatabase formats. Whether designing and constructing a new database to meet a client’s project needs or managing an existing database to ensure proper data management and quality control, our staff brings academic and practical experience to the table. To ensure that our own data, including geospatial data, is well organized, we have developed in-house procedures for data collection, data accuracy, and data management. We provide this same attention to detail to the data that we collect and manage on our projects, allowing us to ensure data is accurate, easy to understand, and readily available for the client at any stage of the project.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
CRI is well versed in the collection of geospatial data through the use of handheld GPS units. Utilizing Trimble GPS units and SX Blue receivers, field data is routinely and efficiently collected to document environmental features, and post-processed to provide mapping products for technical documents. Our staff stays up-to-date with the latest technology and data trends provided by the National Geodetic Survey, to ensure that all field data is collected to the highest quality standards. Additionally, CRI has experience in using the ArcCollector app and the ArcGIS Online platform for cloud data collection while in the field, including designing databases that can be customized to client’s needs, edited in real time, and easily post-processed for delivery to the client.

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