Landscape Design/Reforestation

CRI is accomplished in preparing landscape designs for highway, bridge, and noise barrier projects. We can evaluate aesthetic treatment of walls, bridges, sidewalks and fences. Our staff has provided streetscape design for urban revitalization projects, sitework and landscape design for welcome centers, rest areas, scenic overlooks, park-and-ride lots, gateway signage design, and re-vegetation design for the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area. These design services included the preparation plans, specifications and estimates.

Stream Restoration and SWM Retrofits

CRI routinely prepares stream restoration planting plans and pondscaping plans to increase the riparian buffers, increase pollutant removal efficiency of BMP’s, provide habitat, and to enhance the aesthetic value of the facility. Planting with native species provides a more aesthetically pleasing landscape, and may provide opportunities to connect wildlife corridors, particularly within riparian areas. In addition, native trees and shrubs are specified to dissipate the erosive forces of precipitation as well as to provide food and cover for wildlife, especially birds.

Urban Streetscape

CRI staff has experience in providing concept development for Neighborhood Conservation, collecting background studies for streetscape, developing concept alternatives for streetscape, coordination with local communities & jurisdictions, provide color aerial maps for background studies & concepts and schematic cross sections and typical sections.

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