Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA)

Key Services

  • Stream Restoration Design
  • Wetland Mitigation Design
  • Permitting

Project Details

ICC Stream Restoration PB-108Coastal Resources, Inc. (CRI) provided complete design and permitting services for four stream restoration sites and two wetland mitigation sites as part of the ES/CM package for the Intercounty Connector (ICC) Project (PB-37, PB-8/108, PB-119, IC-62, PB-1, & SC-19).  In general, these projects have included geomorphic assessments, stream and riparian ecological assessments, wetland delineations, forest stand delineations, hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, groundwater monitoring, and all aspects of the environmental permitting process.  CRI completed preparation of Joint Permit Applications, Preliminary Investigation (30%), Semi Final (60% Design), Final (90% Design), and PS&E (100% Design) submittals, and erosion and sediment control plans for each of these sites.  The goals and design approaches included: water quality improvements through reconnecting the stream to its floodplain, and reducing bank erosion and in-stream sedimentation; maintaining/enhancing aquatic habitat; removing fish blockages; improving riparian buffers; stormwater management; invasive species removal and reforestation; and the creation of wetlands for mitigation and to provide water quality treatment for agricultural lands.  Designated Specialist services were provided for these ES/CM sites during construction.  CRI also assisted with the design of NW-160/170, including extensive assessments of large woody debris, stream facies mapping and analysis, bank erosion analysis, and the preparation of plans and specifications.  Post construction monitoring plans were provided for all ES/CM wetland, water quality, and stream restoration sites. Monitoring was performed on selected sites.