Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)

Key Services

  • Wetland Delineation
  • Forest Stand Delineation/Natural Resources Inventory
  • Forest Conservation
  • Assist with Permitting Process
  • Construction Inspection/Independent Environmental Monitor

Project Details

Coastal Resources, Inc. (CRI) conducted a forest stand delineation (FSD) and wetland delineation in areas that WSSC had identified for access or restoration in order to conduct repairs to exposed pipes within two tributaries of Rock Creek. CRI identified specimen trees 30” dbh or greater within these areas and characterized the forest stands, detailing size, species, health, percent of invasive species and downed woody debris. CRI coordinated with Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) staff, as both sites are located within M-NCPPC property. Since one site was listed on the National Registry for Historical Places, CRI was required to prepare and submit a variance request to M-NCPPC, in accordance with the Forest Conservation Act. The variance request was forwarded to the county arborist and was approved. CRI prepared and submitted an amendment to an existing Forest Conservation Plan (FCP) and a Forest Conservation Plan Application to M-NCPPC and coordinated closely with them to address comments. CRI attended an M-NCPPC planning board meeting, after which the FCP amendment was approved. For the other site, CRI prepared a Natural Resources Inventory Map detailing all natural resources such as steep slopes, 100-year floodplain, wetlands, streams, soils, and the findings from the forest stand delineation.

For one of the project sites (Site 5-11), CRI performed construction inspection and management services. The project site included approximately 700 linear feet of stream stabilization and restoration, which incorporated protection for two sewer line crossings, one water line crossing and three manhole assets. CRI provided a Designated Stream Specialist to assist the contractor with interpreting the design plans, details and specifications and complying with permit conditions for forest, stream, and historic resources. The Designated Specialist evaluates changes in existing conditions to accommodate appropriate adjustments to in-stream structures and grading while maintaining overall design goals and objectives. CRI attended and participated in several field meetings with MDE, M-NCPPC, WSSC, and project contractors to identify resources of concern, minimize impacts, coordinate schedules, protect and rehabilitate sewer infrastructure, and maintain permit compliance.