Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA)

Key Services

  • Wetland Delineation
  • Tree Survey
  • Hydrology
  • Stream Assessment/Geomorphology

Project Details

The MD 5 at Abell/Moakley Street Intersection Project was implemented to improve safety and operations for existing and future traffic along MD 5 in St. Mary’s County, MD while supporting existing and planned development in the area. The project included assessment and design tasks for the relocation of approximately 1,000 LF of stream relocation associated with these roadway improvements.

Coastal Resources, Inc. (CRI) was tasked with completing a wetland delineation and specimen tree survey and performing existing and proposed hydrologic studies to support the stream relocation.  CRI completed a wetland delineation and specimen tree survey site visit to identify any additional Waters of the U.S., including wetlands and specimen trees in the extended study area established to accommodate the stream relocation beyond the initial study area for the roadway improvements. CRI prepared a wetland delineation and tree survey report memo to supplement the previous delineation and tree survey. The memo included descriptions of each new or extended system delineated, methodology, data forms, function and value forms, summary tree table including tree number, size, species and health, photographs, and wetland delineation and tree map.

CRI engineers completed a review of all pertinent readily available data on the study area including topography, GIS data, soil surveys, USGS quadrangle mapping, aerial photography and other relevant information for development of the 2, 10 and 100-year existing stream discharges at the downstream limit of work and at 3 other study points.  Engineers visited the site to confirm the storm drain locations and drainage area boundaries and to collect additional information required for the stream hydrology modeling. A model of existing conditions was created using TR-20 and Win TR-55. The existing hydrology was developed to incorporate the roadway improvements and associated stream relocation and drainage pattern changes. A brief memo documenting the existing and proposed 2, 10 and 100-year stream discharges at each study point was prepared and provided to the stream restoration designer. CRI coordinated with the designer and updated the hydrology as the design progressed. CRI addressed comments from both the designer and SHA to finalize the hydrology for the design.