Biological Resources Engineer

Years of Experience – 19


  • M.S., Environmental Science and Policy, 2012
  • B.S., Biological Resource Engineering, 2002
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Training Course, 2009
  • Vernal Pools, 2008
  • Stream Restoration Program, 2008


  • MDE Erosion & Sediment Control Responsible Personnel Certification, 2017

Highlights of Experience

Ashby is a well-trained and experienced Biological Resources Engineer with more than 16 years of professional environmental engineering experience. Highlights of Ashby’s experience include:

Design Review
  • serves as Environmental Design Reviewer for Intercounty Connector construction and environmental stewardship and compensatory mitigation projects
  • conducts document reviews in accordance with applicable state and federal laws executing environmental permits and ensuring compliance.
  • works collaboratively with internal and external peers to ensure ongoing compliance
Field Studies
  • assists senior scientists in performing geomorphic assessments, stream restorations, wetland delineations, water quality assessments, rapid visual stream assessments, large woody debris surveys, facies surveys and wetland & stream mitigation site searches
  • performs data analysis for stream channel characterization, large woody debris analysis and facies analysis
  • practices standard physical, chemical and biological monitoring techniques to evaluate stream health and support resource inventories
  • evaluates stream channels for use as reference sites for the qualification of existing physical characteristics channels and to establish design parameters
  • measure velocities to evaluate stream discharges and evaluate fish passage post-construction
Document Preparation
  • compiles and researches environmental data for technical reports
  • generates detailed GIS mapping and images
  • writes progress reports for varying projects including the Preliminary Investigation Field meetings