Environmental Manager

Years of Experience: 33


  • M.S. Environmental Science and Policy, 2002
  • B.S. Landscape Architecture/ Environmental Science, 1988
  • Dale Carnegie Achieving Success through Human Resource Skills, 2005
  • Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Managers, 2004
  • Plant Identification, 1998
  • Wetland Delineation Training, 1998
  • Evaluation for Planned Wetlands Seminar, 1996
  • Stream Restoration & Rosgen Classification System, 1995
  • Wetland Design HGM Approach, 1995
  • Planned Hydrology for Wetland Construction, 1995


  • MD Licensed Landscape Architect, 1993
  • VA Licensed Landscape Architect, 1994
  • MD Erosion and Sediment Control ‘Green Card’, 1994

Highlights of Experience

Michele is an Environmental Manager with experience providing expert leadership and support in numerous natural resources management disciplines. Adept at managing complex projects with multiple regulators, Michele’s experience and credibility with regulatory agencies and clients is well-earned. Michele specializes in wetlands and water quality services, permitting, and landscape architecture. Highlights of Michele’s experience include:

Project Management
  • Department Head of the Water Resources Department managing a team of professionals that provide environmental design, monitoring, permitting and inspection services
  • manages complex projects involving multiple local, State and Federal regulatory agencies;
  • provides expert advice on best approach to meet requirements and keep project and schedule on track
Field Studies

provides a full rage of wetlands and water quality services including:

  • wetland delineations
  • jurisdictional determinations
  • ecological studies

delivers extensive experience and training in the full range of wetland mitigation services including:

  • site searches and selection
  • evaluation and design
  • functional assessments
  • water budgets
  • contract documents
  • monitoring and inspection before, during and after construction
Permitting and Regulation Management
  • instrumental in the success of the “fast-tracked” FedEx Field access roadway project, the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Replacement, and Intercounty Connector (ICC) project
  • as the SHA TMDL Program Permit Manager, managed the coordination, permit package submittal, agency coordination and comment response, and monitoring plan development for over 11 tree planting, 7 stormwater management retrofits, 2 new stormwater BMPs, 14 grass swales, and 33 stream restoration projects throughout 11 Maryland counties
  • works diligently with state and federal agencies to meet permitting requirements
  • maintains outstanding relationships with regulatory agencies to ensure permitting requirements are complete thereby avoiding unnecessary delays
Landscape Architecture
  • provides landscape architect/environmental specialist solutions on numerous and varied mitigation and stream restoration projects
  • specializes in low impact development, streetscapes, forest stand delineations and inventories, planting plans, park design, details, cost estimates and specifications, inspection of nursery plants, and inspection of planting operations