GIS Specialist / Environmental Scientist

Years of Experience: 6


  • MS, Environmental Science, 2017
  • BS, Earth Science, 2013

Highlights of Experience

Vince assists senior staff with GIS applications and a wide variety of field assessments and natural resource mapping in support of technical studies and reports. Vince has considerable background and knowledge in ArcGIS software and applications, including database management, cartographic design, and hydrological and landscape modeling. He is skilled in using GPS to collect field data for editing, impact and other analysis, and display in technical documents. He is well-versed in using GIS to create Wetland Delineation Maps, Forest Stand Delineation Maps and Forest Conservations Plans.  He also assists with forest stand delineations, fish surveys, wetland delineations GPS survey of wetland boundaries, trees, and stream features, and other field inventories as needed. He conducts background research on natural resources, writes technical reports, and creates supporting report graphics in GIS. Highlights of Vince’s experience include:

Field Studies

Assists senior scientists in field studies including:

  • wetland delineations
  • forest stand delineations and tree surveying
  • rare plant and animal surveys
  • electrofishing and fish relocations
  • mitigation site searches
  • data entry and analysis
  • uses GPS and GIS technologies to support technical field work and reporting, including preparation of resource mapping
Mapping and Document Preparation
  • utilizes GIS in map development to support technical writing and environmental assessments
  • compiles and researches environmental data for technical reports, and assists senior staff with Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments and Small Watershed Action Plans
  • prepares technical documents including wetland delineation reports and forest stand delineation reports