As part of CRI’s Avian Monitoring Services, one of our avian biologists was recently tasked with rebuilding an active bald eagle nest on a lattice tower structure. Nests on power structures can lead to power outages when sticks foul insulators or circuits. To minimize this potential, a nest containment can be built beneath the nest to trap any sticks that might fall and cause an outage. Our raptor biologist monitored a bald eagle nest containment installation on a lattice tower where the existing eagle nest had mostly collapsed and blown out of the tower. Under authorization from a USFWS permit, our biologist went up in the bucket truck with the power contractor and assembled the new eagle nest base using collected sticks. Beginning in December, further monitoring will occur through the 2021/2022 nesting season to see whether the eagle pair accept the nest and successfully raise young on the tower. Stay tuned!