Watershed Studies

Coastal Resources, Inc. believes in the watershed approach to restoration and is committed to supporting state, county, and local efforts to address problems within the watershed from the headwaters down. CRI scientists and engineers provide a full range of services to support every aspect of watershed studies from study design to implementation. CRI staff hold Professional Engineer (PE) licenses in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia, Rosgen level I-IV training certifications, and Landscape Architect (LA) licenses in Maryland and Virginia.

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Our in-depth watershed studies and assessment services include:

  • Small Watershed Action Plans (SWAPS)
  • Watershed and Sub Watershed Studies
  • BMP Concept Designs and Cost Estimates
  • Upland Assessments
  • BMP Retrofit Evaluation and Design
  • Watershed Mapping and GIS Data Management
  • Non-Rooftop Disconnection Evaluation
  • TMDL Crediting – Impervious Area and Pollution Reduction Calculations
  • Community Outreach and Public Meetings