Avian Support Services and Staff Training

Coastal Resources, Inc. (CRI) is providing a number of avian support services to an electric transmission client under various task order contracts and across the client’s business units.  Two of these task orders are summarized below. 

Raptor Nest Survey Training for Client Staff:  CRI was part of a team of avian consultants assembled by the client to provide training to in-house staff on raptor nest surveys.  CRI coordinated with the client’s raptor biologist and other avian consultants regarding the training content, materials, and scheduling to ensure adequate coverage of raptor nest training materials.  CRI provided representative photographs of various raptor nests common within the Mid-Atlantic region to be included in the handout materials aimed at providing visual examples of the characteristics of different nest types. CRI participated in the in-office portion of the training conducted through a video conference and purchased appropriate technical equipment for the client’s use in conducting raptor surveys, including spotting scopes and cameras. 

CRI is responsible for leading the field portion of the training, which consists of one field day in the fall, outside the active nesting season during leaf-off, and one during spring when raptors should be nesting.  The first field training was conducted in the fall of 2020, and the second is scheduled to occur in spring 2021.  Prior to each training day, CRI conducted a site reconnaissance to locate areas with appropriate nests for the training days.  The site reconnaissance ensured that representative nests were available, and that site access was manageable.  The field training focused on how to differentiate nests of different raptor species based on differences in nest size, nesting material, prey remains beneath nests, and habitat, as appropriate.  CRI also assisted in a demonstrating measuring nest height and completing the standard Raptor Nest Survey Form. 

On-Call Avian Support Services:  CRI was recently contracted by the client to provide on-call avian support services as needed, allowing the client’s avian biologist quick access to CRI’s experienced avian staff to address immediate avian needs as they arise.  Tasks will vary based on need but are anticipated to potentially include:

  • Support of avian outage reductions, safety, and system reliability in the form of nest surveys/reports, mapping resources, or other support
  • Support of avian risk assessments in the form of nest surveys/reports, mapping resources, or other support
  • Avian electrocution mitigation recommendations in support of liability reduction
  • Development of communications/outreach materials internal and external to the client
  • Communications with the client’s employees, contractors, and agency personnel
  • Response to avian electrocution, nesting, or collision incidents


Client Service Areas


Electric Transmission Client

Key Services:

  • Raptor Nest Survey
  • Bald Eagle Monitoring
  • Environmental Training