Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center Erosion and Sediment Control Design

The Maryland Port Administration (MDOT MPA) Office of Harbor Development (OHD) will incur unavoidable impacts to non-tidal wetlands, resulting from the Cox Creek Dredge Material Containment Facility (Cox Creek DMCF) +60’ Dike Raising and Expansion project. MDOT MPA is proposing wetland restoration as the primary form of compensatory mitigation for wetland impacts.

MDOT MPA is proposing the restoration of wetlands as well as the enhancement of existing wetlands for a total of 1.86 acres of credit. The wetland mitigation site is located at the Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center in Parkton, MD.

Coastal Resources, Inc. (CRI) worked with a prime consultant to design the erosion and sediment control (E&S) plan, and perform the associated calculations, reporting, and permitting to accompany the design. The proposed wetland restoration will include placement of woody debris throughout restoration areas; nesting structures to provide habitat for birds; native plantings of trees and shrubs; improved hydrologic connection to larger restored areas; improved collection and retention of surface water as well as connection to groundwater; and control of invasive species. CRI designed the Erosion and Sediment Control on accordance with the February 2015 Maryland Stormwater Management and Erosion & Sediment Control Guidelines for State and Federal Projects and the 2011 Maryland Standards & Specifications for Soil Erosion & Sediment Control. CRI submitted the Concept Erosion and Sediment Control and Stormwater Management report, E&S design plans to Maryland Department of the Environment’s Sediment and Stormwater Plan Review Division (SSPRD) for review.

Upcoming work will include the resubmittal of the Concept submission, updating the E&S plans based on design progression, submitting, and receiving site development approval, and submitting for and obtaining final approval.


Baltimore County, MD


MDOT Maryland Port Administration – Office of Harbor Development

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Erosion and Sediment Control Design