MDE Permit Review

Coastal Resources, Inc. (CRI) iscurrently assisting prime consultants with completing Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Wetland and Waterway Division Review Services and Hydrology and Hydraulics (H&H) Review Support for MD State Highway Administration projects on behalf of the MDE.

Wetland and Waterway Division Review Services

CRI staff conducted:

  • Field reviews, reviewed permit applications and impact plates, prepared permit documentation and position reports, and updated the permit database as needed.  
  • Coordinated task orders for services from other consultants and reviewed and provided comments on deliverables.
  • Reviewed wetland delineations in the field, reviewed JPAs as well as prepared field visit and pre-application site visit summaries.
  • Reviewed materials and drafted site visit summary and photo logs.
  • Coordinated with both SHA as well as federal and state agencies.
  • Updated Toolkit and TEMPO databases as appropriate for all projects.
  • Prepared documents for public notice and sent documents for the project to be put on public notice.
  • Reviewed project materials and reviewed flood action plans. 
  • Drafted authorization documents and sent 45 day comments to SHA.
  • Prepared permit authorizations for regulated activities for approval by MDE.

Hydrology and Hydraulics (H&H) Review Support

CRI staff also provided H&H review support and Erosion & Sediment Control (ESC) plan review support for SHA projects on behalf of MDE.  CRI staff attended field reviews and pre-application meetings, as necessary. 


Maryland, Statewide


MDOT State Highway Administration – Environmental Programs Division

Key Services:

  • Permit Review on behalf of MDE
  • Permit Coordination and Tracking
  • Provide H&H review support for SHA projects on behalf of MDE
  • Attend field reviews and pre-application meetings
  • Support the development of permit authorizations
Sample Permit